321 Dance!™ is a pledge-based fundraising and awareness event in which participants have the opportunity to dance to make a difference. 

People can sign up to participate in a dance as an individual or as part of a team (family, corporate, affiliate, church, etc.).  Participants ask their friends and family to support them in the dance by making pledges.  This website gives participants a place to sign up and create a personal page to collect pledges.

Support for 321 Dance!™ benefits the National Down Syndrome Congress which strives to create a national climate in which all people recognize and respect the dignity and worth of all persons with Down syndrome.

If there isn't a 321 Dance!™ scheduled in your community, you can help to get the movement started in your area.  Contact Rebecca Davis, Director of Development for NDSC, to learn more about how you can hold a 321 Dance!?™ in your city.  321 Dance!™ can be done in partnership with affiliate Down syndrome organizations.


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